Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Social Logins: Twitter vs. Facebook

Given the concerns surrounding privacy these days I have a couple of questions as to how people are using social login services like Facebook and Twitter. While these services are helpful in removing barriers related to users engaging with our websites/web services I have a hunch that they are (or will be) used for different purposes.

Who do you trust with access to your Facebook information?

While we've already incorporated Facebook Connect in our web app, we recently added a Twitter login button to blockwild.com in order to encourage users to test it out without having to be concerned about potentially exposing loads of 'private' Facebook information to a new and unverified web application. We shall see which service NEW users gravitate towards.

Is Twitter a more disposable social login service?

My hunch is that users generally view Twitter as a 'lower risk' login service for testing new applications while reserving Facebook Connect for services that they are comfortable entrusting their social graph to. Ironically, it seems the wealth of information that can be accessed through Facebook could potentially be a barrier to users signing up through Facebook Connect.

Anyone care to share any experiences with these two alternatives?

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