Monday, January 24, 2011

Changes are coming to BlockWild

We really appreciate all the local content that users have contributed to the BlockWild map recently.

However, based on feedback from a lot of you we've decided to focus our efforts on building a map of community events in the Bay Area. This means that two things are happening: 1) The BlockWild web application will now geolocate on San Francisco when you first come to the site. This is so that we can highlight what a robust community map of local events looks like; and 2) We've decided to focus on sharing and discovering local EVENTS on the BlockWild map. This primarily what users have been sharing and searching for and we'd like to really focus the message of the website. If we can build a replicable community around local events then we will 'add back' classifieds, rentals, etc.

Even though the site initially locates on San Francisco you can still search, discover and post events on a local map of your community by typing your location in the NEAR field.

Thanks for understanding and check out our new look. Keep an eye out for some other cool features, like our map widgets that are coming out.

As usual, don't forget that you can use the BlockWild Facebook to create a map tab for your Facebook fan page.

Take care,

The BlockWild Team

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