Monday, October 25, 2010

Recycle and Reuse Hyperlocally

Post and search classifieds on a local mapSure we'd all like to do our part by recycling and reusing as much as well can. Nothing wrong with saving a little green in these times either.

So why can't we SEE what our neighbors (and broader community) have for sale all around us - things like furniture, kids stuff, old sports equipment - that we can recycle and reuse. There has to be a better way to search and discover what is available rather than scrolling through reqional lists of stuff for sale on classified sites. Why not post and search for classifieds on a local map.

As a matter of fact, I'd almost argue that there's a potential window shopping or impulse shopping effect - you may not even realized that you were looking for something until you saw that it was available right down the street from you.

That's why we created - to give people the ability to post information (like classifieds or garages sales) directly to a local map for their whole community to see.

By posting your item on BlockWild you'll also create an informative map link to use on other classified sites. But instead of just mapping a location you'll show viewers a shapshot of all the relevant information: description, image gallery, links, etc. Plus, your map and popup are easily shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Map of Classified Ads in the Bay Area

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